Darrell "Double D" Soltesz

  The first incarnation of "Pocket Central" featuring the awesome Chris Christino on bass/vocals, Stan Maciolek, guitars/vocals (who lives in Nashville today)Tommy R on keyboards/vocals and the dynamic master on fiddle/vocals, Jack Sammons.

Pocket Central photo shoot at the farm/rehearsal studio

We made the front cover on Country Music News during the year of the "Some Gave All" Tour (Achy Breaky Heart) meeting and sharing stories with Billy Ray Cyrus at The Spectrum in Philadelphia, PA. A true gentleman and thankful for his support he gave our band!


It was like when The Beatles landed in the United States for the first time in Philly that night!!!

Late night performance after a concert opening for the late, great Eddie Rabbit at Delaware Fairgrounds.


Sharing the stage at the Landry's nightclub during a jamboree festival on the "Roto Tom" kit.

Super Sunday in downtown Philadelphia with Radio XTU 92.5.

Recording "Pocket Central" album at 4 Star Studio's.

~Note: Our mixing tape console was used during the recording of John Lennon's album "Imagine"..........

  Four Star Sound Studios
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Bob Freed and Rich Bomberowitch started Four Star Sound Studios in 1986 (Media, PA is where the "Pocket Central" sessions/CD were recorded) and have produced over 500 albums. Four Star Sound Studios is a “classic” studio combining the best of digital and analog. In addition to studio recording we offer audio tape restoration, master remixing, and on location live recording.

 Grammy Winner Ben Vereen's New CD "Ben Vereen Stepping Out Live"
was recorded live in Connecticut by Four Star Sound Studios

  Recording sessions during the "Pocket Central" album:

Dave O'Keefe - Guitars, Vocals, Songwriter

Jim Falcone - Bass, Vocals

Tommy "R" Rasmussen - Keyboards, Vocals

Alan J. Weber - Sax, Vocals

Bill "Rusty Strings" Stokes - Fiddle

Special guest on "Last Locomotive" - Edward "Hot" Lick - Banjo

Bob Freed - Chief Recording Engineer

Rich Bomerowich - Recording Engineer


  Performing with the Southern & Country Rock sounds of  "Pocket Central”  & winning numerous show competitions including The New Jersey State Fair GMC True Country Showdown, we provided concert and recording support to our loyal fans promoting our debut album with radio XTU 92.5 and working shows with national artists from Crystal Gayle, The Charlie Daniels Band, Rodney Crowell, Little Texas and many others.

Many Thanks .......  

 The late, great "Tommy R" Rasmussen, keyboards, vocals ( It is great keeping in touch with your kids, Jena and Brandon). I miss our times on the farm recording and rehearsing with my friends!!!  R.I.P.

 Chris Christino, bass, vocals. (Thanks for keeping the groove alive when you did the WXTU shows with us)
Jack Sammons, fiddle, vocals (Thanks for your awesome
 fiddle magic).

Ed "Hot" Lick for your master class techniques on banjo for the recording on the Pocket Central album.

Alan J. Weber - What can I say..........THE BEST SAX!!!

Alex Uskuraitis - keyboards, producer - Verdalak Manor Music

Jim Falcone - bass guitars, vocals

Bill "Rusty Strings" Stokes - fiddle

Engineer/Recording: Bob Freed, Rich Bomerowich

Nadine Andrew for keeping our sound together on the road

And all the other great musicians that helped keep us
    "In The Pocket"   


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