Darrell "Double D" Soltesz

"Sundown"  1979  - (From Left to Right) - Artie Lincoln, Bass, Vocals -  Kenny Slack, Guitars, Vocals - Gary Slack, Keyboards, Vocals - Kenny Goodwin, Guitars, Vocals and Darrell "Double D", Drums, Vocals

"Sundown"  featuring  - David Feehan, Bass, Vocals,  Darrell Soltesz, Drums, Vocals,  Kenny Slack, Guitar, Vocals, Tommy Labowitz, Guitar, Vocals, Gary Slack, Keyboards, Kenny Goodwin, Vocals, Guitar and Gary Matthews, Sound Man, Rod Stewart, Promoter

Our band was noted in the Trenton, New Jersey area as performing the Europe '72 album by The Greatful Dead at many club venues in the wee hours of the morning!

~To the Extension Tavern in Trenton, Joe Zook and Blues Deluxe, Paul Plumeri, Duke Williams & The Extremes and Ernie White for sharing the stage with and great memories!!!

~Rest In Peace my good buddies/members of "SUNDOWN" who have passed on:  Gary Slack, David Feehan, Tommy Labowitz, Kenny Goodwin and soundman Gary Matthews~ 

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